And So It Begins . . . . .

“Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” ~ Dylan Thomas

I definitely need a goal in life to keep me engaged. Right now I’m circling in on it. It’s many pronged. I long to do a long-distance hike and have chosen the Appalachian Trail as the target. I am, after all, a hiker and a walker, and how can I call myself a hiker in these days if I’ve never set foot on the A.T.?

I awoke around 1am last night feeling a lot of anxiety. I’ve developed this anxiety around my breathing, like if I don’t pay attention to it I’ll stop. Like, I constantly feel as if I can’t get a deep breath and I must constantly take deep breaths until my breath ‘catches.’ Then I get this creepy anxiety feeling in my body. Icky and awful.

I met a man outside the grocery store yesterday as I was leaving. He was about my age and pushing one of those walkers with a seat, and he was moving along fast even though his body was barely functional. I commented on how fast he was moving. He told me that he has Parkinson’s Disease and that he used to be a jogger. “I could still jog,” he said, “but it’s my balance that’s gone.” We talked for a few more minutes then went our separate ways.

I love meeting extraordinary people. He’ll never know how much that short conversation affected me. May I also greet whatever life gives me with such extraordinary strength and acceptance.IMG_1175