Whoa, people are actually reading this

“Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” -Brian Tracy


I found this map on another blog and couldn’t resist pulling it over to mine.

I started this blog just as a way to record my thoughts as I move through this coming year of planning for the A.T. I know it’s a public blog, but I kind of didn’t expect anyone to look at it. Glad I didn’t post any compromising photos of myself. I also didn’t expect that there are other blogs out there, written by people just like me, and that we’ll see each other’s tags and be able to follow along on each other’s journeys.

I’ve already discovered Appalachian Trials facebook and blog and have gained courage and inspiration from them. In fact, it inspired me not only to hike the A.T. but to write about my experience also. It doesn’t matter if I write well. Of course I do. When we share ourselves and our passions, it inspires others.




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